About Us

We are an independent coffee shop, deli and apéritif bar started by friends of Italian, Australian and English extraction. With a shared passion for quality coffee, food and wine, we blend the very best of Italian and Australian café culture, creating a friendly and buzzing atmosphere from morning ‘til night.

Our Coffee

Our mission is simple: to produce high quality coffee which is perfect every time. Using organic milk, Allpress’ Redchuch as our house blend, and only the most skilled baristi, we’re passionate about our beans from the grinder, all the way to the cup.

Allpress trade directly with growers, millers and exporters in Central and South America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific to source the highest quality coffee beans. They can guarantee freshness and consistency of supply thanks to many years experience in roasting and blending, local roasting facilities in London and a weekly delivery schedule.

Breakfast & Lunch in Fulham

Our food and drink selection emphasises freshness, simplicity and quality. We only use the finest quality, natural ingredients, using organic produce as much as possible. Many of our suppliers are family owned and much of our food is homemade.

Stop by for breakfast, brunch or lunch complemented by a perfectly crafted coffee lovingly made by our skilled baristi.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
Saturday and Sunday
Need to call us?: 020 7381 5572

Events by Shot

Hire our shop for a private event/function with full catering provided.


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Shot Espresso LTD
11, Jerdan Place, Fulham
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